What drive system does the woom UP have?

The current release woom UP uses the FAZUA Ride 50 Trail for its drive system. Think of the drive system as the control center for each power mode available on the woom UP.

The unit combines a battery, motor, and electronic parts in one sleek design. The woom UP drive system has progressive support modes allowing the motor to adapt to the individual Rider's cycling style and react even when there isn't much pressure on the pedals. The drive system kicks in gently and boosts the power supplied by your child's legs nice and evenly – on climbs, into headwinds, and when setting off. This prevents your Rider from feeling overtaxed and instead they experience a natural ride sensation.

The woom UP motor reaches a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. If your Rider reaches that limit, the motor will automatically and smoothly disengage. At that speed, your Rider will be moving under their own power and those unassisted miles do not drain the battery.

LED lights display the power mode based on color

  • White = No support
  • Green or “Breeze” is a gentle, constant 100 watts strong tailwind even at low Rider power
  • Blue or “River” is a progressive, sporty mode, perfect for a smooth riding experience! The strength of the support precisely follows the Rider’s foot and own power. Give a lot and get a lot from the motor (maximum is 210 watts)
  • Pink or “Rocket” will give the aggressive assistance needed to help tackle the steepest sections even with moderate driver power (maximum 250 watts)

Other key features of the FAZUA Ride 50 Trail system power control include:

  • The power control itself is a fully integrated, intuitive touch interface that easily switches settings on the fly. The rider will feel no lag when moving through each power mode.
  • The battery level and mode are easily spotted on the LED display with just a quick glance
  • Battery level is indicated by how many LED dots are present (Ex. 5 = fully charged, 1 = low power)
  • Bluetooth connection capability to the free FAZUA app or other Bluetooth compatible devices