What is the FAZUA Rider App and Toolbox Software?

The woom UP automatically comes with access to the FAZUA Rider APP and FAZUA Toolbox.

The Rider App is free and available for all FAZUA drive systems. It offers a wide range of data pulled from sensors on the woom UP and from the Ride 50 Trail system.

Rider App features include:

  • GPS navigation, tracking, and trip information
  • Motor power, remaining battery capacity, and distance to empty
  • Speedometer, cadence, rider power, and rider torque
  • Technical overview and battery charge information
  • Support functions, and direct access to FAZUA Service
  • Ability to share rides with friends
  • Summaries and analysis of the data post-ride

The FAZUA Toolbox is an advanced software that allows grown-ups and Riders the ability to modify the power and motor settings of the woom UP. The options made available through the software grant the ability to adjust the bike to a Rider’s specific performance needs and goals, as well as provide a safe platform that a child can use.

Some features available on the FAZUA Toolbox include:

  • Adjusting the power to increase range or performance
  • Switch to different modes - Eco, Moderate, or Performance (default is Moderate)
  • Moderate the acceleration and assistance level

For more guidance on what the FAZUA Toolbox is and how to use it, we recommend watching this helpful video below.

Important Notes:

  • With the latest release woom UP (October 2023), there are minor differences from the video below regarding the USB port.
  • Make sure to download FAZUA software updates for the appropriate drive system. woom UP bikes now use the Ride 50 Trail drive system, and previously used the Evation drive system. For any questions, contact our CX team.