What is the expected battery life for the woom UP?

In general, the woom UP battery can last without needing to be recharged under the following typical conditions:

  • 2 hours of consistent riding on Rocket mode
    • Pink = Rocket mode (maximum 250 watts)
    • Blue = River mode (maximum 210 watts)
    • Green = Breeze mode (maximum 100 watts)
  • Several hours per week of intermittent riding on Breeze or River modes

However, battery range is never a simple number. When trying to anticipate how far your Rider can go on a single charge, the most honest answer is that it’s not simply related to distance. Important factors to consider will be the terrain and distance your Rider will cover, what combination of mode selection (Breeze, River, or Rocket) they will use, as well as the power delivered by the Rider. Each of these aspects will affect the wattage output of the battery, and its life length following a single charge.