What features and components have been updated on the new release models?

With the new release woom OFF & OFF AIR, there have been a number of improvements and updates, ranging from minor to game-changing:

  • The most visually evident alteration is the new colorway “terra coppa”, however most of the upgrades require further inspection to appreciate.
  • A cable port has been added to the seat tube to allow for dropper seatposts (available on sizes 5 & 6 OFF & OFF AIR). 
  • The rims and Schwalbe tires are both tubeless-compatible, should you choose to convert to a tubeless system
  • New mountain-bike specific saddles have been added, and are unique to each model size for optimal trail riding comfort.
  • The handlebar has been redesigned with a tapered end to better accommodate smaller hands.
  • The grips have been modified to increase ergonomic comfort, with off-center rubber padding where it’s needed most, a safety zone to ensure hands don’t slip off the bar ends, and a clamp to ensure no rotational slipping. 
  • A woom-specific chainstay protector has been added to protect the frame.
  • The disc brakes have been updated to include 160mm rotors (on woom OFF & OFF AIR models in size 5 & 6).