Why would I want a dropper seatpost and can I do this on OFF, OFF AIR, and UP mountain bikes?

Anyone who's keen on taking their mountain bike on lots of hilly adventures will be happy to hear that our next generation of mountain bikes is ready for a dropper seatpost. We’re pleased to announce that both our OFF & OFF AIR models (on model sizes 5 and 6) as well as our woom UP e-mountain bikes all feature a cable port on the seat tube to accommodate a dropper seatpost.

A dropper seatpost will allow your child to adjust the height of the saddle with the press of a button. The dropper seatpost means the rider won’t have to keep getting off my bike to adjust the saddle when negotiating a steep trail.

For a breakdown of a few dropper seatpost options available for 24” and 26” kids’ bikes, check out this article by the Bike Dads. You’ll need a seatpost with a 27.2mm diameter with an internally routed cable. 

Please note that we recommend taking your bike to a professional mechanic for this upgrade.