Are the new-release OFF, OFF AIR, and UP mountain bikes equipped with tubeless-compatible rims and tires?

Yes! For those not in the know, a tubeless tire is a pneumatic (air-filled) tire that doesn’t require a separate inner tube, since it forms an airtight seal with the rim. The benefits of running a tubeless system include far fewer punctures (since the sealant seals small punctures as you ride), as well as the ability to run a lower air pressure – making it well suited for off-road usage.

Please note: For woom UP, woom OFF & woom OFF AIR, only models from 2023 and onwards are equipped with tubeless-compatible rims.

Because there is some debate in the cycling industry regarding the increasingly-popular term “tubeless-ready,” we are calling our rims and tires “tubeless-compatible” to reflect that the bike can be converted to a tubeless system, however as it comes stock out of the box, it is lacking a few small parts for the conversion. To convert your OFF/OFF AIR/UP Schwalbe tires to a tubeless setup, you will need three things: tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape, and sealant.

We generally recommend taking the bike to a professional mechanic if you decide to convert your woom mountain bike to a tubeless set-up.

For the conversion, you’ll need a tubeless kit of your choice consisting of sealant (a.k.a. sealing milk), tubeless-compatible rim tape, and two tubeless Presta valves. Please note: The rim of the woom OFF / woom OFF AIR / woom UP has a width of 25 mm. Ensure the rim tape is between 25 mm and 27 mm wide and the valves are at least 40 mm long and tubeless-compatible. You can get all parts from many retailers, for example, directly from Schwalbe as tubeless accessories.