WHEELS: Recommended PSI

It is important to check your woom bike's tires before every ride to ensure they are properly inflated. The PSI for each bike can be found on the sidewall of the tire. We recommend keeping the tire pressure at the lower end for a more comfortable ride for your child. 

woom 1: 30-50

woom 1 PLUS: 40-65

woom 2: 40-65 

woom 3: 40-65 

woom 4: 40-65 

woom 5: 40-65 

woom 6: 40-65 

We use tubes that have a Schrader valve like the ones found on your car's tires so that the tires can be pumped at any gas station. If you would like to purchase a bike pump, your local bike shop will have several great options to choose from.  We also sell a valve extension for the woom 1.