WHEELS: How to change a flat

Flat tires are an unfortunate common issue that will occur with bike ownership, much like with car ownership. There are some routine maintenance steps that will help mitigate the frequency with which your rider experiences flats. We have a blog post that shares some recommendations: Tires, Tubes, Flats: Everything You Need to Know!

Here are a few videos from one of our technicians to help you install your new tube:

You can purchase tubes directly from our site. Just follow this link:  Spare Replacement Tube and be sure to select the correct sized tube.

It is also useful to have a Tire Lever, and necessary to have an air pump. The AIRFLO Bike Pump on our online store makes a great lightweight portable pump. If you are changing on a flat on a woom 1, you’ll want to use the woom VALVE EXTENSION, which helps the pump nozzle get in between the tiny spokes.