How to care for your woom UP

Like every bike, the woom UP will need routine maintenance and care in order for your Rider to get the most out of it. Before each ride, do an ABCD Check:

  • Air - check the tire pressure and inflate the tires to the recommended PSI noted on the tire’s sidewall
  • Brakes - make sure the brakes are working correctly
  • Chain - lubricating the bike’s chain should be part of your regular maintenance routine
  • Drop test
    • Some key things to look for are:
      • Loose stem
      • Loose headset
      • Loose wheels wheel bolts or quick-release skewer
      • Proper chain tension
      • Gears are shifting properly

Regarding long-term battery storage:

  • Store your woom UP inside a well-ventilated area, preferably in the home. A good rule of thumb: When it comes to temperature, if you’re uncomfortable, your battery is uncomfortable
  • Have a minimum 60% battery charge
  • Check the battery after 2-3 months and recharge to 60%
  • Remove the battery when traveling with the woom UP

Additional care tips:

  • We recommend not riding without the drivepack and battery, as doing so will expose electrical components to the elements.
  • Be sure to remove the battery and drivepack and battery prior to cleaning! Wash your bike periodically, and especially after a dirty ride. When it comes to washing the woom UP, do not submerge it in water nor clean it with a power washer.
  • Find a FAZUA Certified Partner in your area, or connect with woom for any service needs