Can the woom UP be ridden in heavy rain and/or wet conditions?

Luckily, the woom UP operates just fine in rainy weather. After your ride in the rain/wet conditions, remove the drivepack and battery and leave it to dry, or wipe it off with a towel. Once the battery and inner frame are dry, place the drivepack back, and the woom UP is ready to hit the trails again!

That being said, we don't recommend entirely submerging the bike (for example during a creek crossing). When it comes to washing the woom UP, again, do not submerge it in water nor clean it with a power washer. Instead, it’s recommended to use a quality cleaner, a set of brushes, rags, and old-fashioned elbow grease to gently spray, agitate, and rinse any dirt and debris away from the woom UP. Be sure to remove the battery and drivepack and battery prior to cleaning!