When can I initiate an upCYCLING return?

  • As soon as you (1) purchase a new bike, (2) have a membership, and (3) your Rider is ready to part ways with their older bike, you are ready to create a return label.
  • If your bike is approaching 2 years old and you intend to size up, it is time to secure your next woom bike! This may entail joining a pre-order wait list, depending on the model you're purchasing. For questions on pre-ordering and upCYCLING click here.
  • Most people choose to wait until their new bike is arriving and then request a return label, so their kid is never without a bike. This method also conveniently allows you to re-use the new box for the return shipment.
  • You have 30 days after receiving your new bike to initiate an upCYCLING return.
  • To purchase your upCYCLING membership and see more details click here.