How can I create an upCYCLING return label?

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure a successful upCYCLING journey:

  1. Start off by creating an email to with the subject line "upCYCLING Return". Use the same email address that you've placed orders with, if possible. 
  2. In the email include the following information:
    1. The original order number (of the bike being upCYCLED) and the email address used to place that order if different than your current email.
    2. Please specify the bike that you wish to upCYCLE, if it was a multi-bike order.     
    3. upCYCLE membership number (i.e. the order number when you purchased the membership) 
    4. New order number (i.e. the order number of the bike replacing the upCYCLED bike)
  3. After sending the email with these pieces of information, you can expect a follow-up email within 2 business days with a return label, unless we have questions.

NOTE: If you know you have an upCYCLING membership number but aren’t sure of the number, reach out to us and we can likely help find it for you. Once we get the details sorted, we will reply back to you with a return shipping label, and confirm details regarding your refund. This refund will be 40% of the pre-tax price of the old bike being returned, not 40% of the new bike purchase. The refund will default to the same card as your recent order.

Feel free to use the box the new bike came in to upCYCLE the older bike. Please protect the bike frame as much as possible, and drop it off at your nearest UPS location. Once we receive your bike, we’ll issue a refund (40% of the returning bike’s original price) to the card used on your recent order.

For all other non-upCYCLING woom product returns, check out this FAQ page