How can I create a return label?

  • We have recently updated this process to be more user-friendly and allow for customers to create their own upCYCLING return labels. Start off by going to our Returns Center, and input the order of your old bike you plan to return and the email address used for that order. From there, you will go through a quick 4 step process:
  1. Select the bike you will be returning from the dropdown menu (it must be part of the old order number you just input).
  2. Select the reason for your return as “upCYCLE” and record your membership number and new order number
  3. Confirm refund payment method (it will default to the same card as your recent order).
  4. Create a shipping label request (we will typically email you back a return label in 2 business days, unless we have questions.)
  • Feel free to use the box for the new bike to upCYCLE the older bike. Please protect the bike frame as much as possible, and drop it off at your nearest UPS location. Once we receive your bike, we’ll issue a refund (40% of the returning bike’s original price) to the card used on your recent order.