How do I deal with upCYCLING my pre-order?

One of the stipulations of the upCYCLE returns process is that we typically require the next bike to be purchased within 2 years of the previous, smaller bike. However, if you are already on a pre-order waitlist for your next bike by the 2 year mark, we will honor your upCYCLE request. We recognize it has been very hard to get a bike lately, and we want to make upCYCLING as smooth as possible.

Visit our FAQ page for upCYCLE to learn how the process works and generate return labels. Most people choose to wait until the new bike is on the way to create a return label, but if you need to send it back earlier we can take it! If you have questions or concerns in relation to the expiration of your upCYCLE membership and preorders, please feel free to contact us.