How does upCYCLING work?

  • An upCYCLING membership allows you to return your old bike and get a refund. We pay for shipping and provide the box.
  • The $59 fee is a one-time only purchase (per-child) and can generate hundreds of dollars of savings if your child sticks with woom bikes throughout their adolescent years.
  • When it has been approaching 2 years, or when your child is close to outsizing their current bike (whichever comes first), purchase a new bike from us, and you are eligible to initiate an upCYCLING return. 
  • When you ‘upCYCLE’ your used bike, you are trading it in for a new bike one size up. 
  • You send back your old bike with a pre-paid return label. Once we get your old bike back, we give you 40% of its original price, as a refund on the purchase of your new bike. 
  • Even better, we use the bike you have sent us to upCYCLE by teaming up with nonprofits around the country that focus on youth bike riding for health.

To purchase your upCYCLING membership and see more details  click here.

upCYCLING memberships are available only to those living within the contiguous United States. 

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