How does upCYCLING work?

  • upCYCLING is a great way to give back to your local community and save on your next woom bike purchase at the same time.
  • An upCYCLING membership allows you to donate your old bike and get a refund for 40% of its original cost, after you purchase a new woom bike the next size up.
  • There is a one-time $59 fee (per-child) to become an upCYCLING member. By becoming a member, you can generate hundreds of dollars of savings if your child sticks with woom bikes throughout their adolescent years.
  • When it has been approaching 2 years, or when your child is close to outsizing their current bike (whichever comes first), purchase a new bike from us, and you are eligible to initiate an upCYCLING refund. 
  • When you ‘upCYCLE’ your used bike, you are trading it in for a new bike one size up. 

upCYCLING Journey

  • Step 1: Decide if you are keeping the new bike (you have 30 days upon delivery to return it for a full refund, if there are any issues).
  • Step 2: Once your child has settled into their new bike, select a charitable organization or family in need to donate your child’s old bike, and drop it off.
  • Step 3: To initiate a refund, send us an email with all the necessary info
  • Step 4: When we receive your email and verify the new bike purchase, you’ll receive a refund (on the recent order) for 40% of the purchase value of the old bike.
    • Our kids’ bikes are made to last for far longer than the few years your child will ride them, so we believe it’s important that another kiddo will benefit from your upCYCLED bike!
    • Pro-tip: woom bikes retain their value exceptionally well due to their durability and quality components. Because of that, many families find it more cost-effective to sell their used woom bikes on the open market instead of upCYCLING, where they can often get 70 or 80% of the initial price, even after years of use.  With that said, we offer upCYCLING as another option for families to avoid the sometimes cumbersome process of selling to strangers, especially for folks living in rural areas without many potential buyers nearby.

To purchase your upCYCLING membership and see more details  click here.