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We stand by our work and we understand what makes a great children's bike.

We build superlight bikes for children ages and one and half to age 14. Every detail on the bike is thought out and makes the discovery of the world around them an exciting, safe experience

Who we are. Christian Bezdeka, Marcus Ihlenfeld, and the rest of the team in Austria launched woom bikes. Marcus' brother, Mathias Ihlenfeld, started the woom bikes USA Division in Austin, TX. We love bikes and we love children - this entire venture began when we wanted the very best bikes for our own kids.  

Developed with passion. After setting the goal of delivering the best children's bike possible, what followed were six years of discussions of children's bikes; constant scrutiny, experimentation, and optimization. The result is something we are so proud to present: woom bikes from the 1 to the 6.  And we're not done, either! 

Just for kids and lightweight. Over 85% of our bike parts are developed exclusively for children. The wheels are tailor made for a child's needs and anatomy.  So are the handles and easy-reach brakes - just about everything! We have also succeeded in our bikes weighing 40% less than the conventional child's bike. This makes woom the lightest children's bike in the world.  

Quality Assurance. Our bike mechanics do a final quality check on all bikes and fine-tune the bikes right here in Austin, TX.

Learn to ride faster. A child's enthusiasm grows when they are on a bike that they feel comfortable on.  The best proof of this is that children on our bikes can learn up to 30% faster than on a different bike! 

Experience adventure. Our bikes aide in the independent discovery of the world. We ensure a smooth ride through optimal handling and great ergonomics.  

A quality purchase. We pay close attention to the price tag on our bike. The aluminum, specific features, and more all make your bike purchase from us a great value. A woom bike maintains such quality that you are able to pass it to another child (perhaps a younger sibling of the current owner) once they come of age.

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