Important Voluntary Safety Recall Notice

woom ORIGINAL bikes sold from 2018-2021

woom bikes USA, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, is voluntarily recalling the woom ORIGINAL bikes from model years 2018–2021 with a one-bolt stem clamp design. The stem and handlebar on the bikes can detach and cause riders to lose control, posing a fall hazard. The risk of injury is more likely to occur when the stem clamp bolt is not sufficiently tightened using a torque wrench to the recommended 10 Nm. Please stop using your bike and follow the required steps outlined below.

Affected bicycles are woom ORIGINAL bikes in sizes 1, 1 PLUS, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and can be identified by their one-bolt stem clamp design, using a single silver bolt.

Your child's safety remains our top priority, which is why we have prepared a simple three-step solution to determine whether your bike is affected, and help you secure the stem.

Required steps:

  • Step one: Find out if your bike is affected, using the Online Stem Checker.
  • Step two: If your bike is affected, order your free woom ORIGINAL Stem Safety Kit with free shipping, containing the items you'll need to service your stem.
  • Step three: Use your woom ORIGINAL Stem Safety Kit to secure the stem.

For more information, please read the FAQs below or contact us at

If you sold or gifted your bike to someone and think it might be affected, please forward this information to that person.


1.  What is the stem safety recall?

woom ORIGINALs from model years 2018–2021 with a one-bolt stem clamp design require maintenance to the stem: There is a risk that the stem, which connects the handlebars to the fork, becomes loose or detaches, posing a risk of injury. The bolt on the affected bikes is silver.

We are therefore issuing a voluntary stop-ride safety notice to all riders of the affected woom ORIGINAL bikes until the stem has been serviced.

Please stop using your bike until you have taken the required steps! 

2. Are all woom ORIGINAL bikes affected?

No, the recall only applies to the woom ORIGINAL bikes from model years 2018–2021 in size 1, 1 PLUS, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 that can be identified by their one-bolt stem clamp design and a silver bolt

The following woom bikes aren’t included in the recall: 

  • woom ORIGINAL bikes (model year 2022 and onwards). They have a different stem design.
  • Pre-model year 2018 woom ORIGINAL bikes are not affected. Their one-bolt stem clamp design has a black bolt.
  • All model years for the woom OFF/OFF AIR, woom UP, woom NOW aren’t included in the recall.  

If you own one of these bikes, you’re good to keep riding!

3. How can I solve the stem safety issue on my child’s woom ORIGINAL?

  • Step one: Complete the Online Stem Checker to identify your bike and find out if it is affected. 
  • Step two: The Online Stem Checker will allow you to order your free woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit. It comes with instructions and contains the tools you need to service your stem safely. The kit will be shipped free of charge.
  • Step three: After you receive the kit, please watch the video and follow the simple step-by-step instructions on how to adequately secure your stem so that your young Rider can get back on their bike as quickly as possible in maximum safety. Here's a link to our HOW TO video that will be useful when your Stem Maintenance Kit arrives.

Please stop using your bike until you have taken the required steps in the kit's instructions.

4. What tools do I need to service my stem?

Each woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit contains a torque wrench, a packet of assembly paste (5 g), a 5 mm hex key, and instructions.

In addition to that, you will need a cloth, paper towels or similar, and some general-purpose or bike-specific solvent degreaser to clean the fork steerer tube. Other grease-dissolving cleaning agents that would do the job include dishwashing detergent (provided it is removed thoroughly), window cleaner, (non-greasy) disinfectant wipes, acetone (such as nail polish remover), rim cleaner, methylated spirits, or isopropyl alcohol.

Please do not use your woom bike until all required steps have been taken. 

5. How do I know when my woom ORIGINAL is safe to ride again?

Your child may ride their woom ORIGINAL once you have carefully followed the instructions in your woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit and serviced the stem. By applying assembly paste to the fork steerer tube and then tightening it to the correct torque (10Nm), you will have made sure that the stem is firmly attached so that your woom bike is ready to ride again. 

Please keep the torque tool and check annually to be sure the bolt is still tightened to 10 Nm as this will ensure reliable friction. If you need to remove the stem  – e.g. when packing your woom bike to transport it on an airplane  – please reapply assembly paste onto the steerer tube before reattaching the stem and tightening the bolt to 10 Nm.

6. My woom bike is pre-owned. Could it be affected by the stem safety issue?

Everyone who owns a potentially affected woom ORIGINAL bike, whether purchased new or used, will need to carry out the same basic bike maintenance to make sure the stem is safe to ride again. 

We have created an online tool, the Online Stem Checker, to help you identify the origins of your woom ORIGINAL, so don’t worry if you don’t know when it was originally purchased. 

When you have identified your bike, you will need to take action. See here, and then proceed to Question #7 below.

Please stop using your bike until all required steps have been taken. 

7. How do I service my stem?  

Look at our step-by-step visual guide detailing how to service your stem, while following the steps outlined below.

  1. Check if the bike is a woom ORIGINAL (Model year 2018 to 2021) that has a one-bolt stem clamp design.
  2. Tools needed: 5 mm hex key / 5 mm hex key socket, torque wrench, bike-specific or general-purpose solvent degreaser or similar, paper towel or cloth, assembly paste
  3. Loosen the bolt for the stem clamp.
  4. Pull the stem up.
  5. Clean the fork steerer tube using the solvent degreaser.
  6. Spread assembly paste evenly onto the fork steerer using your fingertip.
  7. Carefully remount the stem (Tip: position it as straight as possible to begin with.)
  8. Straighten the handlebars.
  9. Tighten the bolt; Torque: 10 Nm
  10. Check: Pull & twist the bars.

No movement? Great. Your bike is ready for use immediately.

8. How do I use the torque wrench in the woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit?

Your torque wrench measures from 0–10 Newton meters. You use your torque wrench like a regular hex key. This means you insert it into the bolt and turn clockwise to tighten. As the tension on the bolt increases, the dial measures the amount of Newton meters of force that you’re putting in. When the figure reaches 10 Nm on the scale, you should not tighten the bolt anymore. You have achieved the required torque.

If you have any questions or problems following these instructions, see the VIDEO or call woom at 855-966-6872.