How to Set Up and Properly Use Your Front Rack on the woom NOW

Once you have installed the front rack on the woom NOW, there are a few features to be aware of. In this article, we’ll cover how the rack folds, how to secure cargo, remove the inlay tray, and mount accessories to the rack. 

Folding the Rack

The cargo rack on the woom NOW has the ability to fold up when not in use. When lifted upward from the bottom, the rack should simply fold upward with no additional release mechanism. If the rack is not easily folding upward, the rack hinge bolt is likely too tight. If the rack doesn’t easily stay in the downward position, then the rack hinge bolt is likely too loose. After using a hex case to make the adjustment, you’ll know the bolt is appropriately tightened when the rack can stay closed by itself and yet isn’t difficult to fold upward. Once folded upward, the rack can be secured to the height limiter bar by hooking the elastic band on the integrated strap to the peg on the height limiter bar.

Securing Cargo

When using the rack, we always recommend utilizing the built-in strap to make sure your cargo is secure while riding! First, buckle the strap over your cargo. Then, pull the strap tight and ensure that you remove as much slack as possible.

Removing the Rack Inlay

The bottom part of your woom NOW rack is removable by removing the four bolts that hold it in place using a hex key. If you do decide to remove this inlay piece, be aware of straps, strings, or other items that may hang through the bottom of the rack and interfere with your wheel rotation. 

Mounting Accessories

The woom NOW cargo rack comes with two bonus mounts for water bottles or other accessories that fit on standard bottle cage mounts. These mounts can be found on either side of the back of the rack, facing inward toward the Rider. The rack can hold two GLUG Stainless Steel Bottles - perfect for long summer rides.