My chain is rattling or rubbing against the chain guard. What do I do?

The woom ORIGINAL 2 and the woom ORIGINAL 3 models come with a chain guard. If a chain is rattling or rubbing against the chain guard, this issue can usually be solved by tightening the chain. Here's what to do:

1. Loosen the four screws on the left and right rear dropouts using the correct hex key, just a little bit. 

2. Carefully turn both the adjustment screws on the left and right dropouts – turn each screw half a turn clockwise to tighten the chain. If you tighten them unequally, your wheel may not sit straight. 

3. Turn the cranks to check if the noise is still present. Is it? If yes, repeat step two. 

4. Once you've tightened the chain, check the wheel is centered in the frame. Confirm that there is an equal distance between the tire and the chain stays on both sides. 

5. Now tighten the four screws on the left and right dropouts – alternate between the sides as you progressively tighten them. Don’t do this forcefully.

Important: Once you have reset your chain tension, check the positioning of the brake pads as the wheel position has now changed. The brake pads need to sit centrally on the rim (when pulled to brake) and run parallel to it when not in use.

Don’t feel confident? Short of experience with bike mechanics? We strongly suggest visiting a bike shop and letting a professional mechanic tension the chain accurately.