BRAKES: Connecting the front brake

Does your brake line look like this? If so, please follow these quick steps towards a great resolution. 

The dust cap often swallows the tip of the brake noodle, making it very hard to connect the front brake. The photo below shows how it should be. The missing part is inside the dust cover (black plastic).


You will want to separate the brake noodle (silver metal piece) and the cover by pulling the dust cover to the right. This exposes the smooth barrel (the missing part) you will need to insert into the "C-STAR" cage. The dust cover is most likely stuck over the ring that locks the brake noodle in place so you will need to use a small screwdriver to try and pry it out. I have also found that squeezing the end of the dust cap cover helps to make it move out. Additionally, adding heat such as a warm towel or a hairdryer helps to loosen it. 

Here is a photo of the elbow installed with the dust cover pulled to the side:


If you’re having trouble getting enough slack in order to connect the brake, please make sure the housing is placed completely into the lever and the silver brake noodle, as pictured below.