BRAKES: Brake Squealing

Squeaky brakes can often be fixed with a quick adjustment. If you "toe-out" both brake pads so the trailing edge is set closer to the rim, it often eliminates the loud squealing.


Here is an easy way to toe-out your brake pads:

  1. Slightly loosen the silver bolt securing the brake pad
  2. Insert a credit card underneath the front half of the brake pad
  3. Squeeze and hold the brake levers
  4. With the lever squeezed, re-tighten the screw on the side of the brake pads

After this adjustment, the rear edge of the pad should be contacting the rim first. If the brakes are still squealing, there might be debris embedded in the rim/pads. You can try wiping the rim with some isopropyl alcohol to remove debris but may need new pads if they are heavily contaminated.