Does woom bikes USA ever offer discounts or sales on bikes?

Here at woom bikes USA, our top priority is to keep your child learning and loving their bike. That is why we carefully and strategically determine pricing from the onset to provide the highest quality bike we can, at the most reasonable price.

We do our utmost to keep the cost of our bikes as low as possible without sacrificing the high-quality materials and safety standards we are known for. To ensure we preserve our high standards, we maintain consistent year-round pricing and do not seasonally discount our bikes. Because woom bikes are of such high-quality, they maintain their value and often fetch a resale value of up to 70% or 80% of their original purchase price.

Another option is to take advantage of our upCYCLING membership. We make it easy and convenient to trade the bike back for 40% of its purchase price. For more information, please visit our upCYCLING FAQ page.