How do I check my bike order status?

Already pre-ordered your woom bike? Enter your order number below to check your bike order status: 

  1. Find your order number (located on the top right of your order confirmation email). 
  2. Copy and paste the order number into the box.
  3. Click ‘Submit'

All delivery dates are estimated and subject to change. Changes will be reflected weekly, on Wednesdays. If your order has already shipped and you have received a tracking number, please reach out to the carrier for assistance.

Not seeing your order? Try these steps below and if you need further assistance please reach out to our customer experience team. 

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. Delete any spaces before or after the order number.
  3. Make sure you are including your entire order number. Note that some orders include "US" before the number which is shown on your order confirmation email.

Last Updated: 06/21

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