How and when will I receive communication about placing my preorder?

To place yourself on the waitlist for an out-of-stock bike, please click the red “Notify Me When Available” button on the product page and input your email address. After you have done this and subscribed to those product alerts, you are on the wait list.

If you have already subscribed and want to confirm your estimated wait time, please enter your email address in our waitlist tool (a.k.a. pre-order chart). Note that it may take up to a week for your email to register with this tool, as it is manually updated weekly.

When it is your time to pre-order, we will reach out via email with a pre-order invitation. Be aware this email could land in your spam folder. The email will be from; you can avoid the possibility of the email landing in your spam folder by adjusting your email filters.

The email will provide up to 48 hours of access to purchase the bike, then the link will expire. If you notice you got the pre-order email and the link has expired, contact us and we may be able to manually re-extend you an offer to purchase the bike.

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